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Collecting Your own Seed

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
If you collect seeds from your own plants you can truly become self sufficient with your vegetable growing. Let a few plants of the type you want to grow again go to seed. You may want to choose a variety that you particularly enjoyed eating, or most pest resistant or still grew with little watering or care. By choosing these sorts of plants you are breeding plants that are best suited to your environment and lifestyle. Just a word of warning don’t try saving seed from any plant that is a hybrid as they won’t grow true to form.

Let seed dry out completely on plant until brown and seed pods are starting to split. Harvest seed on a hot, dry day. Beans and other large seeds are the easiest to collect. Small seeds may need to be shaken in a sieve.

Store seeds in paper bags or paper envelopes and label well. Store in cool, dark place.
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