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Grow yourself some lettuce

Friday, February 26, 2010

Why not grow your own lettuce – it is simply to grow and you can enjoy eating organic, fresh lettuce throughout the year. You will also save on cash – how many times have you purchased lettuce from the supermarket only to find it goes off in the fridge? Buy a packet of seeds and all going well it will keep you supplied with lettuce for most for the year.

They required regular watering in order to thrive so don’t forget about them especially on hot summer days – if you let them dry out they will taste bitter or bolt straight to seed. Grow your lettuces somewhere that receives a bit of afternoon shade and feed them with some kind of liquid fertiliser weekly to keep the leaves tasting sweet and tasty.

You can grow non-hearting varieties if you want to avoid pulling out whole plants every time you want to use some lettuce. The non-hearting varieties allow you to harvest the outer leaves when required with the plant will continuing to grow. Lettuce will mature quickly, so to keep a constant supply plant seeds and seedlings every few weeks.

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