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Gardening and your health

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Article courtesy of Wally Richards,

On Sunday, 21st of February, Rialto TV showed a film/documentary called “Real View: Food Matters”. The program was a discussion on the importance of Nutrition & Natural Therapies for the prevention and reversing of chronic illness.

The program presented numerous facts about our bodies and how our food chain can heal or create numerous diseases in our bodies. The ancient statement ‘Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food’ (Hippocrates c.460 BC- 377 BC an ancient Greek physician and is often known as 'the father of medicine'.) was used and backed up by informative commentators. 

One of the statements made was that if 51% of our diet was natural (they used the word organic) and consumed raw then most if not all chronic illness would be prevented or reversed. Now that is a very interesting point and we often see or hear many examples of this. For instance I heard that Japanese people living on a diet that is traditional in their country have some of the lowest instances of chronic illness in the world. These same people that moved to a western country and changed to the western diet then experienced various illnesses. If they then moved back to Japan and resume their traditional diet the complaints normally disappeared.

I can also relate to the aspect that, 60 odd years ago, growing up in New Zealand we did not have the massive amount of chronic illness that we have today. We had a far better diet as most families grew their own vegetables and fruit and ran their own chickens for eggs and meat.

We did not have the widespread use chemical fertilisers that are used on crops and farms today and far less use of chemical controls for pests and diseases. Over the last 60 years that has all changed and the amount of chemicals in our food chain has increased dramatically and along with it so has the health problems.

The pharmaceutical industry has grown enormously and makes billions every year out of our ill health and suffering. According to the program if we opted for a natural diet of highly nutritious vegetables and fruit we would just about put the pharmaceutical companies out of business.

They also pointed out that the fruit and vegetables that are not grown in an organic manner have many chemical poisons and sadly lack some of the nutritional value of organic plants. One of the presenters stated that our soils need 55 minerals and elements and that the 3 common elements in chemical fertilisers (NPK) are inadequate for growing healthy plants with good nutritional values. The better chemical fertilisers can have up to 16 elements but that is still far short of 55 or 114.
When we look at the chemicals in processed foods and add that to the list of chemicals from agriculture it is no wonder that our health is on the decline

Most of us are aware that raw food is best and that even a moderate amount of heat in cooking kills enzymes and destroys nutritional values. Juicing vegetables in a common juicer where the blades heat up, causes a loss of 40% or more of the goodness. The slow juicers that squeeze the juice out of your carrots will give you 100% of the goodness available.

As a good health supplement, wheat grass grown with all the minerals and elements possible added to the growing medium and then the grass squeezed through a manual juicer and drunk will make a remarkable difference to your health.

Growing your own vegetables and fruit with all the minerals and elements added to the soil will provide you with the best medicine known to man.

In my last book, “Wally’s Gardening and Health” I describe how anyone with a few buckets, some purchased compost and 3 mineral rich products, can easily grow a few leafy type vegetables and herbs with the highest possible nutritional values, then with the addition of a high speed blender convert them to a liquid (Green Smoothie) which should assist with any health aspect as a preventive, or to reverse a condition.

Your body is a remarkable machine - give it the means and it will heal itself. It is so simple and basic, so why don't we do it? I do and my doctor hates me. If you have a green smoothie once or twice a day, eat naturally grown fruit raw, drink plenty of filtered water anddo a bit of exercise you will be a much healthier person.

It would not only save the country millions of dollars each year, it would save you a lot of money and suffering too. You do not need a big garden just a few buckets or a raised garden or two. It’s a lot of fun and the rewards will assist in you having a long and healthy life.

Make your garden centre your new chemist!

For some home grown medicinal recipes see:

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