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Wallys Neem Tree Oil - 200ml

The new and very effective way of controlling insects such as whitefly, thrips, mites, mealy bugs an... Shop Online Buy now...

Large standing mesh fly trap

[OUT OF STOCK] GreenHand Eco Products Large Standing Fly trap is an incredibly efficient, economica... Shop Online Buy now...

Small hanging mesh fly trap

[OUT OF STOCK] This SMALL HANGING FLY CATCHER or FLY TRAP from GREENHAND is perfect for collecting ... Shop Online Buy now...

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Cut'n'Paste is a Weed Gel in a brush topped bottle that tackles all you weed problems effectively, easily, simply, conveniently and safely. This is targeted weed control where nothing else is effected. The gel is very low toxicity to animals but deadly to your weeds. Hard on Weeds - Kind to our Enviroment. See all the info at ...

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