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Gardening shop > 2C Solar Light Cap (SLC 100)

2C Solar Light Cap (SLC 100)

Have you ever had to stop working in the garden or outside because it started getting dark? Either you either didn't have a light or a spare hand to hold it? The answer is a convenient light that doesn't get in the way, you don't have to carry, and that doesn't need new batteries all the time. What's more, you will never forget to bring it with you because it is on your head!

You can wear this comfortable, stylish cap in the garden to protect you from the sun during the day, then simply push the button and you have two strong LEDs lighting up about 6 feet in front of you for use at night.

When the cap is fully charged it will give you up to 5 hours of light (on full power) or up to 36 hours of light on other modes. Usage time depends on the conditions in which the cap is charged - less time, or cloudy conditions means fewer hours of light available.

The SLC 100

This 2C Solar Light Cap is made from highest quality 7444 brushed cotton, with a brass swing buckle at the rear, a soft sweatband and detailed label. The SLC100 is the optimal selection for both moderate and cool climates.

Colours Available

Solar light cap

Shipping Cost

In New Zealand, shipping is by NZ Post and is $4.

International postage is $5

Read the 2C Light Brochure here (2.5mb PDF document)

Uses for the 2C Light Cap

See the photos at the bottom of the page for examples of usage

Outdoor recreation and gardening
Enjoy the garden/outdoors in confidence, knowing that you are protecting yourself from the elements and have the backup of hands-free light should you run out of daylight. Campers, cyclists, fishers, hikers, hunters ... outdoor enthusiasts everywhere benefit from the convenience and simplicity of a 2C Solar Light Cap.

Personal safety
Whether you are walking your pet, concerned about your children being caught out in the dark, or putting together an emergency survival kit ... 2C Solar Light Caps provide an easy, convenient, and hands-free source of light that you can use whenever you need it.

During times of natural disaster, for example earthquakes where normal infrastructure can be affected for many days while power is restored, the 2C Solar Light Caps have no dependency on battery replacement or electrical supply. An ideal addition to your survival kit

And, how about adding a 2C Solar Light Cap to the uniform of your workers/crews, security officers, or fleet drivers? Handsfree light will make their job much safer, and with no batteries needing replacement, they can always avoid the need to fumble in the dark.

Your investment is easily justified:

Based on Initial Cost - NZ$ 59.90

2C will actually pay for itself in battery savings

Cost of batteries on other products using similar button cells (2xCR2032 - $6) - 15 hours of light

2C provides 3 hours of light per night, therefore ROI in 7.1 weeks ( using every night )

From thereafter zero running costs providing free light for the life of the product

Return on Investment
Expected life of 2C product is 5000 hours of light

Or 333 battery changes using similar light powered with disposable button cell batteries (2xCR2032)

Therefore life of product saves $1998-59.90 = $1938.10, (and also saves all that pollution due to battery disposal) 


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