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Small city garden

listed by twisty_mist
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Bird's eye view

Garden image: Bird's eye view
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looking down at my garden, flowers on the left, veges on the right (hidden in pic by lemon tree)


Details of this garden

New Zealand > Auckland > Auckland City Area
Features: Basil Bay Tree Bird bathBroccoli Cabbage tree Capsicums Carrots Cauliflower Chives Coriander Cottage garden Courgettes Feijoa Garlic GarlicGreenhouse/glasshouseHyacinth Kaffir Lime Leaves Lavender Lemon Lemon Balm Lettuce Lime Mint Nikau Parsley Peas Rhubarb Rose Rosemary Sage Snapdragon Spinach Sweet Pea Tomatoes

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Garden description: Small city garden split down the middle by a path, with veges on the sunny side and flowers and shrubs on she shadier side. Glass house at the back, great for herbs and extending tomato growing season.

Small strip out front of house with standard roses and a lavender hedge - classic cottage garden look.

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