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listed by cornyline australis
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South View

Garden image: South View
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Wide view of garden looking from house


Details of this garden

New Zealand
Features: Apple Apple Trees Beans Broom Brussels sprouts Cabbage tree Cabbages Cherry Trees Container garden Coprosma Cottage garden Daffodil Daisy Delphinium, Hybrid English gardenFlower garden Garden sheds GarlicGladiolus Greenhouse/glasshouseHebes Hydrangea IrisKowhai Leeks Lettuce Maple Trees Organic garden Other Pittosporums Peas Peony Potatoes Pumpkins Rhubarb Snapdragon Stock Strawberry Tomatoes TulipsVegetable garden Yew Trees

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Approximate size: 400 m2  
Garden description: This is our old garden in the UK. We have sold this house as part of the process of returning to NZ where we hope to create something new from scratch again. It was a badly kept lawn/dog toilet when we bought the house. We designed the garden, laid the paths, built the patio, pergola and the decking. Many of the plants were raised from seed. There are many NZ plants in the garden - the cabbage trees obviously also 4 pittosporums ( 2 types raised from seed), a few hebes, a coprosma, many NZ grasses (from seed), some flaxes ( 2 from seed). I tried raising some Dodonaea and Pseudopanax too but lost them after 3 years of nuturing to the very cold winter we had last year. We are looking forward to gardening in the NZ climate.

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