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Was supposed to be a flower garden but ...

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New Zealand > Auckland > Auckland City Area
Features: Basil Beans Beetroot Broccoli Cabbage tree Cabbages Capsicums Carrots Cauliflower Chilli peppers Chives Coriander Egg plantFennel Flower garden Garlic GarlicLavender Leeks Lemon Lettuce Lime Mint Onions Parsley Peas Rocket (Arugula) Rose Rosemary Sage Salad greens Silver beet Spinach Spring onions Strawberry Sweet Pea Tomatoes Vegetable garden

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Approximate size: 80 m2  
Garden description: Was a lump of clay not long ago, no fence, unusable very open.
Got stuck in drew up a quick plan, paved areas, planterboxes, areas for trees/flowers/plants around central small section of grass. Works really well, completley North facing, good range of growing conditions. My poor wife wanted it to be fulled with flowers etc. but i have kinda taken over since last summer planting all manner of veges! (she now loves the homegrown veges for all our cooking!) Most of the plants sourced from Kings Seeds, and grown indoors (kitchen windowsill) and then put out.
1 year on still have the bug, and love looking after my "babies" and the whole family enjoys going out looking after the plants, and eating them!
As the rest of the garden establishes around it, i'll finish a dedicated pottager down the back, specifically for all the veges and a very small orchard!! down the side of the house im constructing a few smaller retaining areas for bbq, with herbs behind for cooking. - Chris.

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