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Details of this garden

New Zealand > Canterbury > Cheviot
Features: Acacia Trees Akeake Alder Trees Apple Apple Trees Apricot Arboretum Ash Trees Asparagus Avocado Basil Beans Beech (Nothofagus) Beech Trees Beetroot Berries Birch Trees Bird bathBlackberry Blue berry Bok Choi Borage Broccoli Broom Cabbage tree Cabbages Capsicums Carrots Cauliflower Celery Cherry Cherry Trees Chestnut Trees Chicken/poultryChicory Chilli peppers Chives Container garden Coprosma Coriander Corn/Sweetcorn Cottage garden Courgettes Cucumber Cypress Trees Daffodil Daisy Dandelion Dill Elder Trees Elderberry English gardenFeijoa Fennel Fig FishFive finger Flower garden Fuchsia or Kotukutuku Garden sheds Garlic GarlicGinger Gooseberry GrapeGrapefruit Greenhouse/glasshouseGuava Hawthorn Trees Hazel Trees Hebes Horseradish Kaka Beak Kale Kanuka Kiwi Fruit Kowhai Lacebark Lavender Leeks Lemon Lemon Balm Lemongrass Lemonwood or Tarata Lettuce Lime Loquat Lovage Mandarin Maori potatoes Maple Trees Marjoram Mint Mushrooms Mustard Nasturtium Native garden Nectarine Oak Trees Olive Onions Orange Oregano (Wild Marjoram) Organic garden Other Pittosporums Palm Trees Papaya/Paw-PawParadise garden Parsley Passion Fruit/Granadilla Pear Pear Trees Peas Persimmon Pig Pine Trees Plum Plum Trees Pomegranate Poplar Trees Potatoes Pumpkins Radishes Rasberry Rhubarb Rock ponds Rocket (Arugula) Rose Rose gardenRosemary Rowan Trees Sage Salad greens Silver beet Snapdragon Spinach Spring onions Strawberry SunflowersSycamore Trees Tomato Tomatoes Turnips Vegetable garden Walnut Trees Willow Trees Yams

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Approximate size: 1 Ha  
Garden description: Since 2009 we have been developing our 1.5 hectare property into a forest garden or food forest.

Inspired by permaculture principals and looking for something novel and unique, the land is undergoing a major transformation.

The 4 bare paddocks and house zone have been carefully landscaped with swales and terraces for water catchment and infiltration then planted with a dense and diverse range of edible and native plants.

The 'gardens' also include ducks, chickens and pigs. These animals are used for preparing new ground, controlling grass and fertiliser production.

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