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Garden Collars "in action"

listed by Kiwi Collars
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It's getting crowded...

Garden image: It's getting crowded...
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I think the reason might be that the growing medium has been improved with a few layers of pea straw, sheep manure and organic compost.


Details of this garden

New Zealand > Wellington > Waikanae
Features: Basil Beans Bok Choi Broccoli Carrots Chives Container garden Coriander Courgettes Dill Oregano (Wild Marjoram) Organic garden Parsley Peas Potatoes Rocket (Arugula) Rosemary Salad greens Spinach Spring onions Tomatoes Vegetable garden

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Approximate size: 6 m2  
Garden description: Since the collars are self-stacking, it's very easy for me to add height to my raised garden beds - it gets really windy sometimes, and one extra collar on top provides quite sufficient shelter.

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