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I Love Spring

listed by ciotach
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Clematis with Foxgloves about to bloom

Garden image: Clematis with Foxgloves about to bloom
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Details of this garden

New Zealand > Canterbury
Features: Apple Apricot Basil Bay Tree Beans Beetroot Bird bathBok Choi Borage Broccoli Brussels sprouts Cabbages Capsicums Carrots Cauliflower Celery Chilli peppers Chives Chrysanthemum Cilantro Coriander Cottage garden Courgettes Daffodil Daisy Dandelion Delphinium, Hybrid Dill Dogs Feijoa Flower garden Freesia Garlic GarlicGladiolus Hyacinth Hydrangea IrisKaffir Lime Leaves Lavender Leeks Lemon Lemon Balm Lettuce Lime Marjoram Mint Nasturtium Onions Oregano (Wild Marjoram) Parsley Parsnip Passion Fruit/Granadilla Peas Plum Potatoes Pumpkins Radishes Rhubarb Rock ponds Rocket (Arugula) Rose Rosemary Sage Salad greens Silver beet Sorrel Spinach Spring onions Squash SunflowersSweet Pea Tomatoes TulipsVegetable garden Yams

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Approximate size: 700 m2  
Garden description: Some recent photos. The foxgloves under the clematis are about to bloom. The irises I planted in memory of my father - then forgot to divide the bulbs last year. Cistus (rock rose) and lavender are good for the dryer front section which doesn't get so much water due to roof overhang.

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