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Drews vege garden

listed by Drew
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Garden Overview

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A broad overview of our recently overhaulled vege garden. Version 1 was started in early summer, but the veges were destroyed by our keen 2 year old son who was "help weed"!

The spuds can be seen upper right.


Details of this garden

New Zealand
Features: Apricot Broccoli Capsicums Carrots Cauliflower Celery Chives GrapeLeeks Lemon Lettuce Parsley Passion Fruit/Granadilla Peas Pumpkins Silver beet Tomatoes Vegetable garden

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Approximate size: 15 m2  
Garden description: This is our third incarnation of our vege garden.

My wife and I get a real kick out of growing our own veges, and each year we get a wee bit better at it.

This year we have planted:
Spring Onion

We also have a great spud patch and not far away are our grape and passionfruit vines.

Out the front we have a huge apricot tree that has given us amazing crops of bug juicy apricots, but sadly this year nothing has happened.

Lastly we cant forget the neighbors apple, plum and pear trees that lean over our boundry fence! :)


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