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Chaotic edible landscape

listed by Belladonna Bess
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Overgrown but productive garden

Garden image: Overgrown but productive garden
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Details of this garden

New Zealand > Wellington > Wellington > Khandallah
Features: Apple Apple Trees Asparagus Basil Bay Tree Beans Beetroot Berries Blue berry Bok Choi Borage Broccoli Cabbages Capsicums Carrots Celery Chilli peppers Corn/Sweetcorn Courgettes Cress Cucumber Daffodil Dandelion Dill Feijoa Five finger Freesia GarlicGooseberry GrapeGuava Hazel Trees Hyssop Kaffir Lime Leaves Lemon Lemon Balm Lemongrass Lettuce Mandarin Maori potatoes Marjoram Marrows Mint Nectarine Onions Oregano (Wild Marjoram) Organic garden Parsley Passion Fruit/Granadilla Pear Pear Trees Peas Potatoes Puha Pumpkins PurslaneRadishes RanunculusRasberry Rhubarb Rocket (Arugula) Rosemary Sage Salad Burnet Salad greens Satsuma Shallots Silver beet Sorrel Strawberry Sweet Pea Tomato Tomatoes TulipsVegetable garden Yams

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Approximate size: 100 m2  
Garden description: A small edible garden, focused on vegetables, herbs and soft fruit, with a few miniature fruit trees. Also plenty of flowers to attract pollinators. I've crammed far too much in, but I like it that way.

I've been growing vegetables for most of my life, but this is my first serious foray into fruit growing. I'm also working on a larger area of garden than ever before, in a more difficult location. The soil is (or rather was) pretty mediocre, and I get pretty severe northerly winds. However I do get wonderful sun.

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