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Fruit and Vege Garden

listed by Hel
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Vege Patch

Garden image: Vege Patch
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Yes I know, I should grow sunflowers with corn, but I like the flowers... corn did suffer though


Details of this garden

New Zealand > Auckland
Features: Angelica Apple Apple Trees Avocado Banana Basil Bay Tree Beans Beetroot Berries Bok Choi Borage Capsicums Celeriac Chervil Chestnut Trees Chicken/poultryChilli peppers Chives Cilantro Corn/Sweetcorn Courgettes Dandelion Dill Feijoa Fennel Fig Garden sheds Garlic GarlicGinger Greenhouse/glasshouseGuava Horseradish Kaffir Lime Leaves Kale Lemon Lemon Balm Lemongrass Lettuce Lime Mandarin Marjoram Microgreens Mint Mustard Olive Oregano (Wild Marjoram) Parsley Passion Fruit/Granadilla Pear Pear Trees Peas Plum Trees Primrose Puha Pumpkins PurslaneQuinces Rasberry Rhubarb Rocket (Arugula) Rosemary Sage Scallopini Shallots Silver beet Spinach Spring onions Sprouted beans & seeds Strawberry Taro Tomato Tomatoes Tree Tomato Vegetable garden

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Approximate size: 1000 m2  
Garden description: I've gardened since I was a kid and my dad taught me to triple ditch. Its an organic garden and I make my own compost etc. Several years back we we brought the section next door and the kids claimed the plum tree and I managed to gain enough ground to add a chook run.

I grow what we like to eat, but sometimes add new oddities just for the hell of it.

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