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This was once riverbed - Mikimiki

listed by Kookie
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Oamaru Stone Man with Rosemary

Garden image: Oamaru Stone Man with Rosemary
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New Zealand > Wellington > Masterton
Features: Akeake Apple Apple Trees Apricot Bay Tree Beans Beetroot Berries Birch Trees Blackberry Borage Broccoli Brussels sprouts Cabbage tree Cabbages Carrots Cauliflower Celery Cherry Cherry Trees Chicken/poultryChilli peppers Chives Chrysanthemum Coprosma Coriander Cottage garden Courgettes Cucumber Daffodil Daisy Dogs Egg plantElm Trees Feijoa Fig Five finger Flower garden Freesia Garden sheds Gooseberry Hebes Hydrangea IrisKowhai Lacebark Lancewood or Horoeka Larkspur Lavender Leeks Lemon Lettuce Lilacs Loquat Manuka or Tea Tree Maple Trees Native garden Oak Trees Onions Organic garden Other Pittosporums Parsley Passion Fruit/Granadilla Pear Pear Trees Peas Peony Pine Trees Potatoes Pumpkins Radishes RanunculusRasberry Rhubarb Rose Rosemary Sage Salad greens Silver beet Spinach Spring onions Strawberry Sweet Pea Tomato Tomatoes Totara TulipsVegetable garden Walnut Trees Weeping Willow Trees

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Approximate size: 1 acres  
Garden description: We purchased this land in October 2006 and the house was transported onto the 1 acre. The house has been rewired, replumbed and modernised with some features kept. We are living with mostly undercoat as I want to start establishing the grounds first.
We have extreme summers and winters here in Mikimiki and with the ground once being a riverbed we have learnt to build up rather than dig gardens - a lot easier.
The idea is to establish different pockets of garden around the property:
- On the south side of the house I want to put hydrangea (the only wet, shaded area)
- I'd like a field of lavender to look out on eventually (at the moment it is a paddock-type-lawn)
- I have 2 raised vege gardens which isn't nearly enough.
- The orchard has pears, apricots, peaches, apple, fig, blackcurrant, raspberry, blackberry, walnut and fiejoa. All are small trees so I'm hoping to eat only home grown in 5 years time. I'm about to plant a tamarillo but waiting for frosts to go first.
- Flowers are at the front of the house and have all sorts. Edged by buxus the plan was to do the cottage garden....a few roses, lackspur, poppies, ground cover, helebores, chatham island forget-me-nots...etc...always adding.
- My native area was started last year and I moved 12 truck loads of soil. Plants were very small but it is an exposed site so wanted to make sure their roots were strong before the wind got them. I have tried to use variation in leaves to get different textures and colour. Initially I wanted to keep everything native until I spotted some Japanese Maples which are also in there for added it's a Japanese-New Zealand garden!
- Chooks are there for eggs and manure.
Happy viewing. Any ideas welcome.

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