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Birdwood Paradise

listed by nzgeorgina
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Front view

Garden image: Front view
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The view from the road.


Details of this garden

New Zealand > Waikato > Ngaruawahia
Features: Amaryllis Angelica Apple Basil Beans Beetroot Berries Bird bathBorage Broccoli Cabbage tree Cabbages Capsicums Carrots Cauliflower Celery Cherry Trees Chives Courgettes Dogs Elder Trees Elderberry Feijoa Fennel Fig Five finger Garden sheds GrapeGrapefruit Greenhouse/glasshouseHazel Trees Hebes IrisKowhai Lavender Leeks Lemon Lemon VerbenaLettuce Lilys Lime Loquat Manuka or Tea Tree Mint Olive Orange Parsley Passion Fruit/Granadilla Peas Persimmon Plum Plum Trees Pohutukawa Radishes Rasberry Rewarewa or New Zealand honeysuckle Rhubarb Rose Rose gardenRosemary Sage Silver beet Spinach Spring onions Strawberry Tomatoes Vegetable garden

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Approximate size: 2765 m2  
Garden description: An amazing tree covered property with huge vege garden. All been left for some years as the previous owners were elderly and he was unwell. We have taken on the challenge of bringing back some kind of order to it. Not too much though as I like a bit of wild in the garden. There are plentiful birds so although we have nets for the figs and grapes, the birds are winning at the moment due to our inexperience. It's very exciting and I am looking forward to all the learning that is going to happen over the next year.

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