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1 Jan 17 1:58 AM

Current floor market "pattern" floor cohabitation [url=]cheapest material of patio floors[/url] , price disparity and quality of the more

26 Dec 16 3:30 PM

China's wood flooring industry after 10 years of ups and downs, and now developed to more than 3,000, with an annual output value of 45 billion yuan, which marks China has evolved from the wood-floor more

26 Dec 16 12:56 PM

According to construction personnel, cracks in early road disease is the most common, one of the most prone to disease. If not timely irrigation management, precipitation will be infiltrated into more

23 Dec 16 4:47 PM

But the demand is higher, drying should not be used where humidity is bigger, otherwise easy to happen bulge, shrinkage deformation. More expensive, real wood floor is the [url= more

23 Dec 16 2:07 PM

China International Ground Material and Pavement Technology Exhibition is China's ground laying industry event, but also Leo to the domestic and international flooring industry professionals showcase more

23 Dec 16 1:20 PM

Recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Engineering Authority, from April 1 onwards, the municipal departments began to carry out all the roads in the central city of irrigation joints more

22 Dec 16 9:21 PM

Reporters in some floor store to see, antibacterial flooring also began to be consumer concerns. Sales staff said that antibacterial flooring is in the plate by adding sterilization additives (mainly more

22 Dec 16 1:11 PM


DOAN has been focused on the development of high-end all-hydraulic roller, after decades of development and improvement, a global set of road construction equipment in the field of the most more

21 Dec 16 9:23 PM

1, solid floor should install earthworm bone first, undertake the shop of wooden floor is installed again next.[url=]no warping wood flooring[/url] more

21 Dec 16 4:10 PM

The floor is made of zinc oxide whisker antibacterial [url=]concrete patio covered with wood deck[/url] , not only won't oxidation discoloration, and more

21 Dec 16 1:56 PM

Now a lot of informal factories with some poor quality, drying plate is not in place. After adding color, repair posing as first-class board, Kengpian consumers, this is one of the main causes of more

20 Dec 16 8:23 PM

moistureproof, summer prevents spring rain, autumn prevents bacterium, winter dry,[url= ]non slip laminate bathroom panels[/url] solid wood floor more

20 Dec 16 6:35 PM

The experts believe that decorative building materials products, the traditional way of selling really should be reformed, clearly consumption is the interests of consumers, but also decorative more

20 Dec 16 3:15 PM

National wildlife and wetland survey completed for the first time. Census results show that the population in our country is in better progressly accounted for 55.7% of terrestrial wildlife [ more

19 Dec 16 7:33 PM

Meet again plum rains season, wooden floor be affected with damp be affected with damp is mildewy this seasonal people most one of headachy things, and the be affected with damp be affected with more

19 Dec 16 4:46 PM

At the same time, also must indicate the factory name , on the packing of the goods, standards, specifications, tree species, grade, quantity, delivery date. If no good last weekend, I prefer to more

19 Dec 16 1:59 PM

The price of wood flooring since last year began to rise. As an important investment in home improvement projects, its prices continue to make dealers feel no small pressure, it is part of the more

17 Dec 16 4:48 PM

"It is worth mentioning that, and Chengdu Station national floor channel management staff to training activities held simultaneously there are national flooring "Super clerk" contest more

17 Dec 16 3:57 PM

In the brutal floor market, strengthen the floor to occupy their own place, it inexpensive features, has won the favor of consumers. At present, the raw material has been rising continuously, the more

17 Dec 16 1:49 AM

At the meaning of fair, held a family exposition is "Chinese" font size, ningbo to introduce national exhibition project, is the industry authority and complementary advantages of vivid more

16 Dec 16 2:03 PM

Reporters also learned that after the Spring Festival into the home improvement season, plates, flooring, ceramics, sanitary ware and other building decoration materials will also be prices, more

15 Dec 16 7:55 PM

The spot check of 20 batches of unqualified products, two batches of formaldehyde release a quantity to exceed national mandatory standards [url=] more

15 Dec 16 2:41 PM

Moreover, the air-conditioning has its own operating temperature range, near zero degrees Celsius at the ambient temperature efficiency will be sharp, power consumption is increased significantly, more

14 Dec 16 8:25 PM

At the end of last year's tsunami caused a great loss to the southeast Asian countries. The analysis thinks, severely affected in the short term will be tourism, airline and insurance industries [ more

14 Dec 16 7:03 PM

For the higher price, the name of the eccentric wooden floor to be particularly vigilant, should complete the purchase procedures, we must remember to ask for invoices on the tree species and grade, more

13 Dec 16 8:14 PM

The color of the sitting room decided the sitting room gives the first impression of the person, so sitting room composite floor What color is good-looking? Color of a few the most welcome sitting more

13 Dec 16 7:03 PM

Designed by German interior decorator, German engineers on-site supervision, Europe allusion floor enterprise invest a lot of manpower, financial and material resources to build 500 square meters more

12 Dec 16 8:08 PM

it has clear several: floor area and the name of the company, the [url=]plastic composite landscape timbers for sale in texas[/url] output mode and more

12 Dec 16 7:53 PM

wood floor Already became very hot area to decorate material nowadays, solidWooden floorthe passion that application aroused people to be decorated to domestic ground thoroughly and desire. more

12 Dec 16 2:04 PM

Furniture, whether solid wood furniture or plate furniture, chasing the source, are inseparable from the basic elements of wood. The history of the development of Chinese furniture,[url= more

11 Dec 16 8:41 PM

Part of the flooring business is also the loss of the flood, located in Dunhua Xinyuan Wood Deputy General Manager Zhang Yongcheng revealed to the author [url= more

11 Dec 16 6:49 PM

As a result of strengthening the composite flooring mainly the use of small fuelwood, less waste of forest resources, is currently in Japan and Southeast Asia and other countries are widely used. The more

9 Dec 16 8:55 PM

Sweden boehner relevant experts point out that, according to the use frequency of, about five years wood floor must be renovated. At the same time they also warns customer [url= more

9 Dec 16 6:58 PM

becomes a useful person suffer effect of natural environment of illumination, zone, environment, having off color is normal, can achieve satisfactory result through adjusting, do not want exacting more

9 Dec 16 6:43 PM

With the "State of the six" from the property market cooling, making all the way up the wood flooring market has begun to buck the market price. At the same time, a "small household& more

8 Dec 16 9:38 PM

Recently, a TV news people worried: Nanjing Children's Hospital of leukemia children had less than 10 beds, but also live dissatisfaction; now bed increased to more than 30, not enough to live. The more

8 Dec 16 4:46 PM

"The biggest problem is the floor heating in the maintenance and repair of more troublesome, once appear problem is bad also to define responsibility." The real estate general manager li more

7 Dec 16 7:40 PM

Product origin First of all, wood flooring is not misleading consumers on the market that the so-called composite floor. The laminate flooring is laminate flooring. Solid wood flooring is more

7 Dec 16 4:46 PM

Bamboo plywood than steel prices, but there is more than patchwork. Poor flatness, easy to deformation damp, easy to break down and other defects. Due to excessive use of plastic, once the damage more

7 Dec 16 11:59 AM

Wood floor in export countries in Asia and China, logistics distance [url=]wood plastic composite deck ottawa[/url] , time and transportation cost, more

6 Dec 16 11:08 PM

To do this, journalists and miss Lin to find the head of building materials decoration market, market attaches great importance to this, from the relevant departments are confirmed [url= more

6 Dec 16 6:25 PM

Wood floor in China in addition to a good price advantage, there are some favorable factors of export, China adopted a policy of preferential export tax rebates [url= more

6 Dec 16 6:13 PM

At the same time, there are 30 hotel room needs to be updated, need the investment of s $1.8 billion. That it is not hard to understand, why the United States, Canada [url= more

6 Dec 16 5:54 PM

solid wood flooring purchase Raiders Solid wood flooring is a natural wood by drying, the formation of the ground after the processing of decorative materials, a board is a piece of wood. Price more

6 Dec 16 1:44 PM

Solid wood flooring is wood as raw material, and from top to bottom is a unified material processing. Because of many advantages of wood, such as easy processing, low thermal conductivity,[url= more

6 Dec 16 5:26 AM

The original thickness, the height of each piece should be a difference of 10 cm or so [url=]messmers composite deck[/url] , so that the display more

5 Dec 16 9:52 PM

NO.1 strengthen the quality of the main floor of the wood off Consumer Tips: Before the purchase, the National Forest Products Industry Association of Professional Committee of the floor and the more

5 Dec 16 7:55 PM

After a company investigation found that the media about my company production of "beautiful maple" brand laminate flooring the cause of the unqualified products [url= more

5 Dec 16 7:17 PM

So look at the brand note? , Reputable manufacturers to buy [url=]long life next deck reviews[/url] , in addition to their quality assurance, the more

5 Dec 16 2:21 PM

Now the floor, whether indoor or outdoor, have on the floor of the corrosion resistance has strict requirements,[url= ]4X8 Composite Wood Wall Panel[/ more

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New Zealand

13 Jan 17 3:10 PM

Floor billet the best health period
The meaning of self-cultivation is what the body is in the floor blank after artificial drying, will be placed in the indoor air temperature and humidity stored in a certain date,[url=]Install a simple PVC fence[/url] so that in the dry phase has not yet released the release of residual stress, such a process Known as the "self-cultivation period" in this period of time is called the "self-cultivation time," the length of time, depending on the thickness of the slab and there are differences. Usually the density of the hard material of the material species "keeping period" long.

1. Flat floor to paste without any paste as raw material, through the plane pressure planing machine processing from the surface smooth, no tongue and groove around the rectangle, the square between the adjacent perpendicular to each other. 2. The floor is currently the type of solid wood flooring, the market share of the highest of about 60% or more, regardless of the form of a mouth that floor, in the back of the floor, the floor of the floor, Are equipped with a slot, the groove commonly known as the vent slot, in fact, said anti-deformation groove more accurate.

4, to reduce the weight of the floor billet Newly cut wood, its water content even more than its own weight, after short-term storage, natural drying its moisture content is still high, the wood dry, its weight can be reduced by about 30% --- 50%, is conducive to carrying capacity in the transport In short, processed into wood flooring, must be dry in order to ensure the quality of the floor to ensure aesthetics extend the service life, long practice has proved that the floor is the floor drying process is indispensable Of a process.

[url=]plastic wood malaysia import[/url]

[url=]is composite decking good for a dog kennel[/url]

[url=]composite wood plastic manufacturers[/url]

6 Jan 17 2:27 PM

Plainly buy solid wood flooring
The face of an array of decorative materials in the ground, like solid wood flooring people can always fall out of a lot of advantages to: elegant,[url=]Corrosion resistant WPC fence[/url] beautiful, warm, comfortable foot, thermal insulation and so on. However, due to the quality of the wood floor itself, or consumers only pay attention to the pursuit of the surface of the purchase, or in the laying of the problem, or in use of improper maintenance, which caused the quality of the wooden floor dispute, in order to avoid these problems,[url=]outdoor PVC fence[/url] In the purchase of the first to be aware of, to make a clear and plain consumers.

Solid wood flooring in the current problems encountered in the use of: 1, solid wood flooring shrinkage caused by the expansion of the gap between the floor or due to wet bulging caused by the floor or tile bends. 2, the floor itself warping deformation 3, the floor surface peeling paint.[url=]Outdoor Patio Flooring Using Wood Plastic Deck[/url] The above three phenomena both the quality of the floor, but also the laying of the problem, as well as maintenance problems. To this end, you want to buy to the bed of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring from the wood species, the appearance of quality, size, size tolerance and paint quality inspection.

Determine the type of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring of many species, both domestic materials, but also imported materials, both precious materials, there are ordinary wood, both dark wood, light-colored wood. As the wood species are different, color, texture are different,[url=]Find The Best Vinyl Fence Online Dealers[/url] so the choice of wood species, according to their economic strength to refer to the selection of high, medium and low. Decorative style, solid wood floor, although with any decorative style can be harmonious match, but according to the aesthetic point of view, the color in the decoration must avoid the feeling of top-heavy.

29 Dec 16 3:21 PM

Planning of building flooring
November 22 evening, the Coronet Wood announced that November 18, the US Department of Commerce announced the preliminary results of anti-dumping annual review, anti-dumping rate of 4.77%,[url=]Low maintenance WPC decking[/url] in accordance with the provisions of the US Department of Commerce, the annual review of the final ruling Prior to publication, the tax rate is levied according to the final outcome of the initial investigation (ie 3.31%). In addition, the US Department of Commerce will be the end of December 2013 to make countervailing annual complex in late October 2012, the US Department of Commerce to accept the United States hardwood parity Union's application,[url=]WPC floor quality[/url] decided to China's multi-storey wooden floor to launch anti-dumping and countervailing investigations .

In early December, the US International Trade Commission preliminary ruled that China's exports to the United States multi-storey wooden floor damage to the US industry. US Department of Commerce on China's exports to the US multi-storey wood flooring anti-dumping,[url=]Inexpensive Wood Plastic Patio Flooring[/url] countervailing investigation into a substantive stage. The reason why the US Department of Commerce launched the "two evils", an important reason is affected by the financial crisis, the US domestic new housing construction slowed down, the US wood flooring manufacturers business has been hit. As a result, the hope of the Chinese floor imports restrictions, so that wood flooring manufacturers out of the woods.

The industry believes that the US Department of Commerce announced the preliminary results of the review of anti-dumping tax rate of 4.77%, higher than 3.31%, the tax rate further increased.If the export is blocked, the floor will be involved manufacturers to increase domestic sales by defusing the risk,[url=]Best Wood Plastic Fence for Pool[/url] which is bound to cause a huge impact on the domestic market, the floor will further intensify competition in the industry. However, in the long run, the formation of a number of core competitiveness of large flooring companies, is the Chinese flooring companies to participate in international competition, the premise and foundation.

23 Dec 16 2:06 PM

Common ground decoration materials are the following
1, wood flooring: is a traditional ground material. Wooden floor simple and generous, flexible walking comfort, beautiful sound insulation,[url=]Environmentally friendly WPC floor[/url] higher prices, is a more advanced ground decoration materials. Stone: stone flooring is mainly natural marble and granite. They are elegant and gorgeous, decorative effect, but the price is expensive, is a senior ground decoration materials.[url=]Outdoor WPC Flooring[/url] Ceramic tiles: ceramic tiles durable, colorful, easy to clean, fire, corrosion resistance, wear, light texture than stone, so a wide range of applications. Floor coating: a strong adaptability, low prices, color varieties, construction and convenient features.
2, plastic flooring: compared with the coating, carpet, plastic flooring better performance, adaptability, corrosion resistance, walking comfort, color varieties,[url=]Porch Composite Railing Ideas[/url] decorative effect is good, and affordable. Carpet: pure wool carpet texture is fine, soft and flexible, beautiful and noble, but expensive, and easy to mold moth-eaten. Chemical fiber carpet light weight, wear-resistant, flexible and Jiaogan comfortable, colorful and lower than the price of pure wool carpets. Sun room pictures
3, ceiling decoration materials, different functions of the building and construction space requirements of the ceiling material is not the same. Ceiling decorative materials are gypsum board, plaster decorative sound-absorbing panels, gypsum decorative sound-absorbing panels,[url=]Durable Composite Flooring Manufacturer[/url] Mineral wool decorative sound-absorbing panels, PVC plastic ceiling, metal micro-perforated sound-absorbing panels, decorative mineral wool decorative plate, Expansion perlite decorative sound-absorbing panels.

16 Dec 16 3:14 PM

How to buy wood - plastic laminate flooring
When you choose Daixin Ban, be sure to sawn a corner, check the quality inside. Inside the splicing of small pieces of wood, the gap can not exceed 5 mm,[url=]choose outdoor WPC decking[/url] can not be used with bark, boreholes and dead knots of wood. Good quality Daxin Ban, one of the small wooden bars, there are jagged tenon mouth phase convergence. In use, Daxin Ban can only along the long side of the "open", can not be used across the saw.[url=]WPC decorative wall panels[/url] In addition, the core panel can not be used as a panel, to paste a layer of plywood as a panel, or there will be paint blister and other issues.

Glulam, is not easy to deformation, which is a new solid wood materials, the use of high-quality imported large-diameter logs, deep processing and imaging fingers staggered stitching of wood. As the process is different from the environmental performance of this board is superior, is the core board to allow the amount of formaldehyde containing 1/8, the price of 200 yuan per piece,[url=]Modern Composite Wall Panels[/url] slightly higher than the premium Daixin Ban. But on the other hand, this by the United States spruce and other wood products can be directly painted, paint, than a large board to save a process, the final count down the cost of construction may be flat.

MDF than the particleboard nail holding power difference, particleboard is a natural wood crushed into granular, the pressure into the board, is the main material of the cabinet.[url=]Landscape Composite Wood Flooring[/url] MDF is pressed with powder sawdust after forming, flatness is better, but poor resistance to moisture. In contrast, MDF grip nail force is less than particleboard, screw tightening occurs if the loose, because the strength of MDF is not high, it is difficult to fix, it is rarely used for cabinet.

9 Dec 16 5:42 PM

Wood plastic composite materials
Polymer-based wood plastic composites (WPC) refers to the pretreatment of plant fiber or powder (such as wood, bamboo, peanut shells, coconut shells, flax, straw, etc.) as the main component Reached more than 60%),[url=]green wood plastic material[/url] and the polymer resin matrix compound made of a new material. The material has many advantages of both plant fiber and polymer material, can replace wood,[url=]WPC flooring[/url] can effectively alleviate the shortage of forest resources in China, timber supply shortage of contradictions.

Its application is very broad, mainly used in building materials, automobile industry, the packaging of goods transport, warehousing, decorative materials and daily appliances and so on. As the renewable nature of plant fibers, can be environmental digestion,[url=]WPC outdoor wall panels[/url] so WPC is a very promising green materials, its production technology is also considered to be a viable and innovative technology. WPC wide range of uses, cheap, but to produce excellent performance in all aspects of the product is not easy.

The main reasons are: (1) because of containing a large number of hydrophilic groups - hydroxy, plant fiber has a strong polarity, and the common resin matrix is ??usually non-polar, non-hydrophilic, so the plant fiber and resin matrix The interfacial bonding strength is low,[url=]Composite Wood Outdoor Patio Flooring[/url] which affects the mechanical properties of WPC; (2) because of the hydrogen bond between the hydroxyl can form a strong interaction between plant fibers, making it in the resin matrix (3) The biodegradable color of the plant filler during the molding process, and the thermal degradation of the polymer material, the unsuitable compounding and the processing technology will lead to the degradation of the WPC performance.

6 Dec 16 5:34 PM

Wood - plastic board: environmental health
In modern life, in addition to improving people's quality of building materials, the more important also mentioned that the environmental health of their products.[url=]Environmentally and durable WPC material[/url] After all, the body is the capital of the revolution, any product needs safety first. And this is one of the advantages of wood-plastic board. Of course, this also can not be wood-plastic board shortcomings. Environmental protection, pollution-free, can be recycled,[url=]outdoor flooring[/url] the use of wood-plastic board is not only conducive to the development of the country, but also conducive to the future development of mankind

Plastic composite material is a hot melt plastic, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and their copolymers as adhesive, with wood powder such as wood, agricultural plant straw, agricultural plant shell powder as filler, Formed by extrusion or compression molding,[url=]WPC fence[/url] injection molding formed by the formation of composite materials. One of the hot-melt plastic raw materials can be used in industrial or living waste, wood can also be used wood processing scraps, small diameter wood and other low-quality wood. From the point of view of production of raw materials, wood plastic products slow down and avoid the pollution of plastic waste pollution, but also eliminates the burning of agricultural plants to bring environmental pollution.

The plastics used in the processing of wood-plastic composites can be thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics such as epoxy resins, thermoplastics such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polyoxyethylene (PVC).[url=]Backyard DIY Tile Decking[/url] Due to the poor thermal stability of wood fibers, only the processing temperature of 200 ℃ below the thermoplastics was widely used, especially polyethylene. The choice of plastic polymer is based on the inherent properties of the polymer, the product requirements, the availability of raw materials, the cost and the degree of familiarity with the polymer.

5 Dec 16 5:15 PM

Into 2007, to strengthen the flooring market, the continuous improvement of the level of competition so many floor manufacturers are aware of the importance of technological innovation. As a native of Hunan brand flooring Deisida is relying on technological innovation as the leading competitiveness in the domestic market to create a piece of their own sky.[url=]Easy to install marine deck[/url]
Deisida products are all molded structure, including the 8mm, 12mm 12mm molded and 12mm rounded edge molding and many other series, the product structure in the domestic similar products in a leading position. The use of this patented technology to produce the edge of the edge series since the advent of the floor, has been widely recognized by peers and consumers, the current sales of domestic first.[url=]Cheap balcony vinyl railing[/url]
At the same time, the relevant departments in the country several times in the sampling, each time, each one are qualified Deisida brand series of laminate flooring through the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the certification, access to the national Mianjian products honorary title . This fully demonstrates the national, social, industry, consumer recognition of the product of the floor, reflecting the quality of the floor and excellent pragmatic concept of environmental protection. Deisida with the industry in the persistent exploration and influence, I believe that Germany will be able to meet all the challenges of the Year in 2007 to create a more brilliant future.[url=]How to identify the quality of WPC products[/url]

10 Nov 16 1:53 PM

Business Daily complaints hotline received several consumer reactions, said recently opened the Berlin supermarket floor, "buy the floor almost no money," the ads, 80% of the commitment to the purchase of the floor to buy back, and by the banks to provide security. The consumers said they understood that the bank did not give any guarantee to the supermarket on the floor, who suspected the supermarket had cheated consumers.[url=]teak boat decking[/url]
According to the reader to provide clues, the reporter found in November 24th Berlin floor supermarkets in the newspaper published an ad. Advertising in a very eye-catching font play "to buy the floor almost no money, 80% rebate, 8% per year, 10 years back to the Qing, the bank to provide security" message. Subsequently, the reporter to the identity of the consumers call the Berlin floor supermarket phone, the risk of refund may be asked.[url=]composite patio decking[/url]
"I would like to ask how specific is the return operation?" Reporters asked. "We will give customers a rebate card, the opening day of shopping the first 300 consumers will be able to enjoy the benefits." The staff answered. "You promise to return 80% of 10 years, if you shop to do less than a decade to close it, how to protect our rights?" "We have a bank guarantee." "What banks?" "CITIC Guangzhou Road Bank. "Reporters immediately contacted the CITIC Bank Guangzhou Road Branch, and found the responsible for this matter, Mr. Jiang.[url=]roof garden DIY deck[/url]

19 Oct 16 2:58 PM

Consumers in the choice of floor to shop around, it is necessary to consider their own economic affordability, but also choose to harm the health of the health of environmental flooring, can be in some major brands during the promotion to purchase, the price is relatively affordable.[url=]WPC outdoor deck[/url]
Recently, sales have been made for five consecutive years the country's top two, and access to national Mianjian signs, national anti-bacterial certification mark, the 10 ring environmental certification and many other honors Ruijia floor in Wenzhou launched the "Thanksgiving bargain" promotions. Promotional products with 360 ° environmental protection, 12mm thicker and so on, for the health of consumers on the double insurance.[url=]WPC outdoor patio flooring[/url]
Those who purchase the Ruijia Neo-Classic Luxury Collection from December 12th to 28th can enjoy the Thanksgiving offer, which saves 40yuan per square meter compared with the non-promotion, and the price is not only the price On the benefits, but a healthy, environmentally friendly home environment.[url=]teak boat decking[/url]

13 Sep 16 2:08 PM

Except Matt, the brighter the better tile
For tiles, the market has a lot of species, enough to make consumers get confused. According to insiders, in addition to matte tile, brick, the brighter the better, buying these products on the brand of choice, followed depends on color, price and gloss. While consumers may not know tile production process and price structure, but took twenty-three confinement at a glance separation of good and bad.[url=]cheap wood flooring[/url]
According to Min, general manager Chen Jinlin Long ceramics market introduction, the cost of tile structure, very important raw materials, raw materials, generally including clay, ore and glazes. In the production of clay and ore will be ground into a powder together, then pressed into the embryo, with glaze made. Removing the cost of raw materials, ceramic tile in the production process, there are many other costs, such as fuel used, the loss of equipment, research and development process, testing, etc., these factors will affect the final price of tiles. For consumers to buy tiles, the most important thing is the brand, because all aspects of the big brand products are guaranteed, such as radioactivity, water absorption, resistance, etc., the brand is also more at ease.[url=]porch floor[/url]
And small branded products because there is no research and development process, various testing did not, therefore, the price may be lower, but after buying such products will be more problems, the service can not keep up, it is recommended that consumers buy ceramic tile look at the brand.[url=]cheap garden flooring price[/url]

7 Sep 16 2:56 PM

The thickness of the thermal conductivity of the floor and the floor about, parquet and laminate flooring thickness similar, except that the resistance to deformation of the groove on the back of solid wood flooring in favor of air circulation, reduce noise; strengthening of the floor surface of the composite metal oxide resistance wear layer, the heat diffusion in the surface very quickly and evenly, easy to control the indoor temperature. [url=]composite decking board[/url]
However, multi-layer parquet surface layer is thin, easy to take care, not refurbished, affecting life, three-wood price is more expensive, in view of the above problems, laminate flooring to heat the floor has been the main force. Laminate flooring in floor deformation, surface abrasion, cleaning and maintenance, and have an obvious advantage. Also, pay attention to the quality of the floor, "third floor, seven installation", and a higher standard professional installation to warm the floor, it is best to provide professional installation by the manufacturer, to avoid self-installed by the construction team.[url=]outdoor decking board[/url]
Although the standard for later reference base to heat the floor is still no official standard, but the characteristic features of base thermal heating and wooden floors, in the purchase, or some standards to follow. [url=]Wood plastic deck tiles[/url]

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