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tomato soup

listed by melinda

Preparation time: Not listed    Cooking time: Not listed

Recipe overview: great way of using up all the excess tomatoes and filling the freezer for winter


Garlic 7 cloves
Onions 7 medium
Parsley 14 sprigs
Tomato 7 kgs
flour 8 tablespoons
salt 2 Tablespoons
pepper 3 teaspoons
sugar 2 cups
butter 250 grams
Recipe image: Tomato soup

Method of preparation / cooking

Boil together all ingredients except butter and flour until soft.
Strain through a liquidiser/seive.
Melt butter add flour mix well. Return tomato mixture

Tomato soup

Recipe image: Tomato soup
how to use up 7 kgs of tomatoes and fill the freezer for later

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